A report on patients' experiences in Edgware Hospital

We wanted to engage with a wide range of local people to find out about their experience of Health and Social Care services in Barnet.


We set up a series of stalls in the main reception area of Edgware Community Hospital to talk to people as they attended the hospital. We asked patients a small number of direct questions and also encouraged them to give us any more general comments about their experiences. We got feedback about signage at the hospital, traveling to the hospital, appointments and staffing.

Key findings

The majority of patients were happy with the treatment they received and their overall experience at Edgware Hospital. The outdoor signage in the car park and parking was an issue for a number of people. Parking for disabled people is confusing. Patients were very positive about the help received from reception staff but when the desk was closed it created difficulties.

“Waiting times: very good I was at the breast clinic and it was very quick I had to wait one week for a mammogram”

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