Continence promotion services in Barnet

Although most common amongst people over the age of 45, bladder and/or bowel problems can affect anyone at any point in their lives.

It is estimated that around 14 million people in the UK have some degree of urinary incontinence, while bowel problems affect up to 1 in 10 people.

Following feedback from our volunteers, we decided to carry out an engagement with continence promotion service users in the borough.  With the help of the CLCH NHS Trust, we spoke to patients accessing the adult continence promotion services at Finchley Memorial Hospital.

We conducted a survey with the aim to gather patient experience around the referral process, access to the service and treatment. Between April/May 2018 we attended 5 clinics and were also able to meet the two nurses in charge of delivering the service. 


Key findings:

  • The clinic was quitter than we expected
  • All patients we spoke to had positive feedback to the service.
  • The patients felt listened to, had very good relationships with the continence nurses and had sufficient follow-up.
  • Some of the issues that emerged, were to do with a lack of information provided prior to the appointment and practical difficulties in the management of the clinics. This included signage in the hospital and some staff attitudes when booking appointments. Difficulties around public transport to Finchley Memorial Hospital have been raised a number of times in the past.
  • Two people needed an interpreter and were not currently using one. It would be good to know what options had been offered to them. 
  • Only one of the people we spoke to had self-referred himself. It would be beneficial to ensure anyone who may need to knows about the service and how to get self-refer and access it. One o f the criteria online for self referral said ‘complex needs’ which might put people off.
  • The positive experiences of those who access the service could be promoted to encourage people who have a need, to use the service. 

“Good service, good staff. Quite happy with the service. Just more information would be helpful” (Male)

You can find more information about this service on the NHS website

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