Enter and View: Cricklewood Health Centre and Walk-in Centre

Our team of staff and trained volunteers conducted an announced Enter and View visit to Cricklewood Health Centre as part of our planned strategy to look at a range of Health and Social Care services within the London Borough of Barnet.
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Cricklewood Health Centre and Walk-in Centre was set up in 2010. It is located in Barnet but adjacent to the boundaries with Brent and Camden.  Although the GP Practice and the Walk-In Centre share the same reception and waiting areas they are two separate facilities. This report focuses on the Walk-in-centre.

Key findings

  1. We found the signposting for the site to be poor with only one sign available which was only visible when walking from one direction. Even finding the front entrance was a bit of a struggle and parking can be challenging at times.
  2. Talking to patients and staff on the day, we got feedback on how the patients are registered on arrival and the instructions they are given. Although initial registration seemed to be problem free, lack of updating patients on waiting times, or explaining the process of who is seen first and why, was evident.
  3. We felt this was a well-used and effective service with most of the patients happy with their consultation once they had been see.
  4. Some constructive comments were received from the patients, which were included in the report along with further recommendations made by us, to help improve the Walk-in Centre.

The CCG is in the process of reviewing its Walk-in Services in the light of national guidance regarding Urgent treatment Centres (https://www.england.nhs.uk/publication/urgent-treatmentcentres-principles-and-standards/) and the need to standardise urgent care services.  The standardisation of services should be complete by December 2019. The CCG is currently considering its options for taking their Walk In Centre review forward.

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