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NHS North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group (NCL CCG) wants to hear from Barnet residents about their experiences of community health services and mental health services.
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NHS North Central London Clinical Commissioning Group (NCL CCG) is currently reviewing community health services and mental health services and wants to develop a ‘core service offer’ for both community health and mental health services that is comprehensive, consistent and equitable for all residents. The core service offer will set out what you can expect from these services regardless of where you live in north central London.

You can give your views by completing this confidential online survey:

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You can complete either the community health or mental health services part of the survey, or complete both options if you wish. Your views are important and will help shape and improve services for residents. The survey closes on 31 July 2021.

What are community health services?

Community health services, such as district nursing, play a key role in helping people to stay well and independent at home and in the community. They provide support across a range of needs and age groups but are most often used by children, older people, those living with frailty or long term conditions like diabetes, and people who are near the end of their life. Community health services work closely with other parts of the health and care system, such as GPs, hospitals, pharmacies and care homes.

What are mental health services?

Mental health services provide a range of mental health care and support to children, young people and adults depending on the level of mental health need, from talking therapies such as Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services for more common mental health conditions, through to severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder.

Why is NCL CCG reviewing these services?

The provision of community health services and mental health services across north central London is varied and complex. For example, waiting times, availability and access to services can differ from borough to borough and even within boroughs. NCL CCG is looking at what services are currently being delivered in each of the boroughs, how they are delivered and whether they meet the health needs of residents. The CCG also wants to make sure that the services they buy offer value for money and are sustainable for the future too.

NCL CCG is working in partnership with community and mental health service providers, primary care (GPs), local authorities, voluntary and community sectors and service users, carers and residents to develop the core service offer.  This is why the CCG wants to hear about your experiences.  Your feedback will help to shape and improve these services for residents.

For more information about the community health services and mental health services reviews please visit the NCL CCG website.

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