Men in Barnet, your Healthwatch needs you!

We know that men have poorer health outcomes in most health measures, including heart disease, diabetes and forms of cancer. Help us understand why that is so we can better support organisations delivering healthcare to all blokes in Barnet.
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Healthwatch Barnet is championing men’s health, but we’re going to need your help.

We know that men have poorer health outcomes in most health measures, including heart disease, diabetes, forms of cancer, mental health and suicide.

Men also have a higher rate of drug and alcohol-related conditions.


You're less likely to get medical help when it’s needed.

So we're asking you to help us understand what makes you tick, men. We want you to tell us what good health means to you; where you get your health information; and what would make looking after your health easier.

Send us your ideas on the information and support available to help men look after their health. (Don't worry, your answers will be kept anonymous). 

Please share your thoughts and experiences by completing our Barnet Men's Health Survey.

Fill in the survey and share your thoughts.

Plus, we'd also like the chance to talk direct.

We’re happy to chat in the pub, the greasy spoon, on the golf course, or where you go to pray. If you're happy to speak to us, drop us an email or call 020 3475 1308

Together, let’s beef up men’s health in Barnet!

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