Our Long COVID report: new case studies

Our recent report into Long COVID revealed the devastating impact it has. Find out from Lucy and Joshna how it's affected their lives in these case studies.
Young woman in yellow coat holding her chest in pain
Going from being an independent person to becoming disabled is a lot to process and I have felt alone out there because of the waiting lists.
— Lucy, Barnet resident

Lucy is a Barnet resident in her early 30s. She spoke to us about her experience of living with Long COVID after contracting COVID-19 in March 2020. Lucy worked as a sign language interpreter however, her illness meant she has had to stop working, leading to a significant impact on her life.

A Long COVID case study

Read Lucy's story

Long COVID case study Lucy's story
With family, it comes to a point where you don’t want people asking, ‘how are you feeling?’, you just don’t know what to answer anymore. I just say, ‘I’m okay, same, fine’.
— Joshna, Barnet resident

A Long COVID case study

Read Joshna's story

Long COVID case study Joshna's story

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