What to expect from a good care service?

Whether you are visiting the GP, living in a care home or having an operation, everyone deserves access to safe, high-quality care.
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So what makes good care?

The CQC explains what to expect from good care – whether it's from a hospital, care home, home care service, GP or dentist.

What can you expect from a good hospital?

You would want a good hospital to be safe, effective, caring and well-led. Find out more about what you can expect from a good hospital care, or download the booklet. 

What can you expect from a good GP practice?

You should be able to make choices about your care, and have good communication and support with your practice that you need. You can download the booklet and find out more about what to expect from your GP.

What can you expect from a good home-care agency?

How can you know that a home-care agency is being responsive to your loved ones' needs and are providing them with the safe and effective service that they deserve?

Find out more about what to expect from your home care agency, and download the booklet.

What should you expect from your dental practice?

The CQC don't give ratings to dentists, and only 10 per cent of dental services are inspected by them. However, you can still find out what you should expect from your dental practice so that you make choices about which dentist you choose. 

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