Celebrating Men's Health Week 14 - 21 June

This year’s Men’s Health Week puts the focus on Mental Health in a Covid World.
Can Do Challenge

The global pandemic has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health with questions, concerns and anxieties remaining for many of us.

This year’s focus for Men's Health Week is Mental Health in a Covid World, and there are three related campaigns for you join:

  • The CAN DO Challenge – this is a practical boost to everyone's mental wellbeing
  • Let's All Talk – a campaign to encourage men to open up as society opens up
  • Signing a petition for a men's health strategy

The CAN DO Challenge is intended to help you boost your mental health. This is done through five things scientifically-proven to boost wellbeing. These five ways are: Connect - connecting with other people (e.g. getting in touch with an old friend you haven’t spoken to since before lockdown)

(Be) Active – moving your body (e.g. going for a run/walk/swim/dance/etc)

Notice – taking notice of the environment around you (e.g. turning off your phone for an hour)

Discover – learning something new (e.g. reading a book you haven’t read before)

Offer (or give) – doing something for someone else (e.g. volunteering for a local community group) 

As well as the CAN DO Challenge, Let’s All Talk encourages men to open up as society opens up encouraging us to talk about our feelings about where we are now in the Covid-19 pandemic for better mental health in a Covid world and you can also sign the petition for a men’s health strategy which is a strategy – not just for England - but also in the other countries of the UK – which will enable the many challenges around prevention, care and outcomes in both the physical and mental health of men and boys to be addressed in a comprehensive and systematic way. Men's health policies and strategies already work effectively in a number of countries including Ireland and Australia.

Find out more about Mental Health in a Covid World and the three related campaigns for you to join on the Men’s Health Forum website.

Have any mental health tips of your own that help make a difference and which you would like to share? We are always interested to hear so get in touch:


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