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Patient Participation

a woman talking with her handsPatient Participation Groups (PPGs) enable local people to get involved in their local GP practice. They can influence how the GP practice is run, including management and delivery of health services. Each GP practice is contractually required to support the creation of a dedicated PPG; but they all need the active support of local patients to make this happen.

Existing PPGs will be interested to know that there is a patient-led network of PPGs in Barnet and new Members are always welcome. Further details of Barnet Patient Participation Network are available.

  • A patient of a GP Practice in Barnet?  Find out more about PPGs here.
  • A GP or Practice Manager who wants to develop a PPG?  Find out more about the benefits of a PPG here.
  • Need more information? Visit our resources page.
  • What happened at Patient ENGAGE '18?
  • Have you read our PPG newsletter? PPG ENGAGE.

Please contact Robin Charnley to find out more about PPGs and how we can work together to improve our local health services:

Email: robin.charnley@communitybarnet.org.uk

Telephone: 020 8364 8400 ext 300

Barnet Clinical Commissioning Group has provided funding for this part-time staff member to support both patients and practices in developing PPGs in Barnet.